Being an entrepreneur in California

Learn the 11 steps to starting a business Try Shopify free for 3 days, no credit card required. The state has its own pros and cons but is still considered as an entrepreneur’s dream to start a business in California. While taxes vary by entity (for example, a C-corp will be taxed differently from an LLC), the general consensus is that they are steeper in California than in nearby states. However, business degrees and courses on economics and marketing could be helpful as there can be a high degree of financial risk for this type of work.

The state also offers several business incentives including tax credits and financial incentives that will help entrepreneurs to start a business in California.

Is California good for entrepreneurs?

Born and raised in Redding CA with a burning passion for Far Northern California, Eric has taken his self-made success and invested it back into the economic development of his region. Because of this, aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to enjoy better success when starting their businesses in California. While its business tax climate isn’t as lucrative, the benefits you’ll enjoy when you start your Business in California undeniably outweigh the limited cons. Deeply moved to elevate women and inspire meaningful change, her values have guided her career first as a savvy political fundraiser, then in marketing with Special Olympics Northern California & Nevada, and now, as an entrepreneur.

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