How to close california business?

File the appropriate dissolution, service, or cancellation forms with the SOS within 12 months of filing the final tax return. To dissolve a California corporation, submit appropriate forms to the California Secretary of State (SOS) by mail or in person. Dissolution forms are available on the SOS website and can be completed online and then printed. You can write on the forms or write in black or blue ink.

Checks must be paid to the Secretary of State. If you leave the documents in person, include separate payment of the additional fee. You must file a certificate of dissolution with the Secretary of State. The certificate of dissolution must be submitted before or together with the certificate of cancellation.

Dissolving, surrendering, or canceling your California business entity is a multi-state, multi-step agency process that has both FTB and SOS requirements. If you file your Information Statement on the California SOS website, you will be notified of the specific charges owed to your business entity. Dissolving, surrendering, or canceling a California business entity is a multi-state, multi-step agency process that has requirements with us and SOS. As soon as a California corporation dissolves, another entity can apply for the business name.

When liquidating your business, the California Franchise Tax Board (CFTB) requires you to pay all tax balances due and file last year's tax return. LLCs that are classified as a corporation or entity not considered and doing business in California must file Form 568 annually. Closing a business in California isn't as simple as closing your office doors and putting up a closed sign, or removing your company's website and leaving.

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