Why Living in California is Not Always a Dream Come True

It's no surprise that demographer Joel Kotkin concluded that “the state is run by the very rich, the very poor and public employees”. This is why California has the worst poverty problem in the U. S. and why it ranks last in quality of life, according to a study by the U.

Residents of California are often asked to conserve water for their plants, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. So if you're considering moving to California, you should be prepared to learn how to save water. While it's nice to know about the Disney parks, this shouldn't be your main reason for relocating and paying high taxes. California has a state income tax of up to 13.3%, making it one of the most expensive states in terms of taxes.

Unless you have a well-paying job, living in California may not be feasible, especially if you're coming from a small town. The state has a complex legal system and regulatory framework, including the most comprehensive global warming law in the world. California is also car-centric, so having your own vehicle is essential since everything is so spread out. The state's attractive policies have drawn many people who are living in California illegally.

This has been highlighted by a survey that ranks California as one of the least business-friendly states. I've had the chance to live in several big cities in California and I can tell you that traffic can be a nightmare.

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