Why california is bad?

Not surprisingly, demographer Joel Kotkin concluded that “the state is run by the very rich, the very poor and public employees. It's also how California encountered the worst poverty problem and why “California ranks last among U.S. UU. In quality of life, according to a study by the U.S.

I remember a particularly bad stretch where residents were asked to save shower water to water the plants. I don't think this will improve any time soon, so when you move to California you'll have to learn how to better conserve water. While knowing the availability of Disney parks is helpful, it wouldn't be my reason for moving across the country to pay high taxes. California has a staggering state income tax of up to 13.3%, making the tax burned from living in California one of the worst in the United States.

All of this is to say that unless you work in a well-paying field, the cost of living in California may not be realistic, especially if you move to California from a small town. If you consider California's legal system and its regulatory system, which includes the most comprehensive global warming law in the world, California is probably the most regulated state in the country, if not the world. California is a car-centric state and it's absolutely necessary to have a car while living in California because things are so far apart. Since most people who move to California arrive with a car, you can expect nightmarish traffic to become part of your daily life in California.

All of them support California's magnetic policies that attracted many of those who were in California illegally. The question is inspired by the publication of another survey that places California in the basement among states, measured by its receptivity to business. Moving around so much, I've had the opportunity to live in California through several big cities and I've definitely learned a lot about what life is like in California.

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